Asset Assistant

Hey everyone! I released Unreal Engine editor plugin - Asset Assistant for 4.20.


Very simple and easy to use plugin for:


Plugin available in the marketplace:

Asset Assistant is an editor mode plugin that improves work with multiple assets and windows. It can find, rename, save, open, remove, duplicate files. Get them from content, opened windows or clipboard.


  • Recover previous session with all windows opened and results from Autosave or defined Set
  • Export list to clipboard as TArray or Table
  • Create result list from Content Browser, advanced search, opened windows or clipboard.
  • Browse, rename, save, open, remove, duplicate, create childs and more
  • Create sets / autosaves
  • Detailed statistics about the assets
  • Redefine mods plugins hotkeys and more

It is initial release so I wonder what do you think. Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

Anyone had problems with converting TArray or recovering the session?

Going to pick this up come payday :smiley:

Thanks, please let me know what would you like to see in the future updates.

Now you can also change the hotkey

Today I had to rebuild project many times and I was glad that I can keep all widgets opened. Saved me a lot of time.

Hey, I improved recently this plugin. Also price is a little bit cheaper. Let’s give a try :wink:
It’s very good example how to create UE4 plugins for assets, autosave and other stuff.

I updated plugin to version 4.17. Hopefully soon update in the markerplace. I also updated look of it so it’s more intuitive.

In the meantime I would like to ask what changes would be great to improve UE4 workflow.

I am thinking about:

  • cleaning project removing all unreferenced asset
  • childActorComponent - create child actors, find, change etc
    ETC. Thanks

Hey guys I updated plugin to 4.18. In 4.18 there is a new TArray drag drop system but to be honest it’s not perfect and I suggest to use AssetAssistant plugin :wink:
I also reduced price to 8.99€ but if someone cannot afford I can send link :wink:

Let me know what do you think!

I updated the plugin and description.

You can provide specific lists (array) rename all assets or just use on of many patterns! It is possible to rename 100 assets from provided excel names.
It is also possible to convert tables to TArrays and paste multiple assets into Tarray lists.
More than that - cleaning tool, statistics, duplicates, etc

Updated to 4.19!!

Updated plugin to 1.4.0 version, fixed some issues with duplication and using patterns like {Arr}

Requested marketplace update

Hey! Great news!
Asset assistant plugin which allows to rename, duplicate, fixing referenced mutliple objects, cleaning repeating assets, renaming according to excel sheet and more is in

4.20 version!

Is it possible to “Find and Replace”? Like if your asset is named “M_TestName_Thing” is it possible to find “TestName” and replace that with a string (like NewName) and the result would be “M_NewName_Thing”?

What is “Fragment to Replace” for?

Also, can you add padding?

Of course that’s why it has pattern in it! :slight_smile:
You can also replace names with something custom. So You can copy all asset names and paste new asset names, renaming it.
I would just simply use {Arr} and renaming selected assets with new names.