Asset and Content Management across multiple projects

Something that my team has been working on lately is a method that allows us to have a shared asset library across multiple projects without having to reimport/migrate assets.

We’re currently looking into using a methodology where we have two main directories inside one Unreal project.

Content/Core holds our main assets that are shared across projects, such as traffic, vehicles, props, people,shaders etc.

Content/Projects/“projectname” holds assets and levels that are specific to certain projects.

The current setup requires all users to sync the content/core folder from source control, and then sync the project they want to work on, This saves time because they don’t have to sync multiple projects that they’re not currently working on, It’d also save significant amounts of disk space on both our server and workstation PCs.

This seems like a good way of setting it up, but looks to be a bit of a hassle to setup with the engine’s default source control setup. I can see this further becoming an issue with the new multi user editing feature which would require doing a “source control check” to make sure all users have the same assets.

Looking forward to responses and ideas on this.