Assertion failed

I converted my project from 4.11.2 to 4.12.0 Preview 5

How can I debug it?

Hey Whiz652,

Can you go to the dropdown next “Launch” for 4.12 in the launcher and choose “Options”, then check “Editor symbols for debugging”. Did you convert in place or create a copy of your project?


I use source built engine so it doesn’t appear in launcher. Can I turn on debugging somewhere else? I converted a copy of project

I just found log and it says that CrashReport didn’t run properly

[2016.06.01-19.44.35:774][732]LogWindows:Warning: CreateProc failed (2) …....\Engine\Binaries/Win64/CrashReportClient.exe -AppName=UE4-UI -CrashGUID=UE4CC-Windows-017A00DF4C4A3D79F8F0258356F3A91E_0000 -DebugSymbols=…....\Engine\Intermediate\Symbols
LogWindows: Could not start CrashReportClient.exe

Full Log

Jump from player controller to character movement component on tick isn’t clear for me. I don’t have anything like this.

I’ve also tried to duplicate my pawn and replace it everywhere, but i didn’t managed to catch the place where it crashes. This duplication and replacement is kinda stupid way of debugging and i don’t really want to repeat this experience :confused:

Fixed in 4.12.0 Release
I guess this is it

Fixed the root
cause of a potential runtime assertion
when attempting to dynamically spawn
Actor-based Blueprint Class instances
with one or more nested default
subobjects created through native
parent class construction.