Assertion Failed : LatentActionManager.IsEmpty()

Hello, I have a sequence and once in a while, when it runs, Unreal crashes giving me the following error:

Assertion Failed LatentActionManager.IsEmpty() : Engine/Source/Runtime/MovieScene/Private/MovieSceneSequenceTickManager.cpp

Upon inspecting the Source in GitHub, I see that in the latest version, this assertion was removed, in favor of an ensure. So I understand that by upgrading my project to 4.27 I could get around this error. However, I want to know more about the problem and what I am doing wrong. Even though it wont crash the engine, it still seems that the LatentActionManager should be empty.

What exactly are LatentActions? When are they created? How can I tell if I am creating one inside of a sequence? Why would my sequence Tick, and not clear out all of the LatentActions from the previous frame?

Anything you know is helpful! As I am having a hard time researching these online and in the documentation.

I was never able to fix this, however, I did see that in 4.27 they have since fixed this issue of crashing. According to the git commits on the UE4 repo, it was ensuring that the LatentActionManager was empty, when that wasn’t something completely necessary. And they lowered the restriction.

I do believe that what was causing this error had to do with that I have a single LevelSequenceActor, and I have a manager that just switches which ULevelSequencer to play. It seemed that when playing things with different play styles (Range, Jumping, PlaySmooth) it would get freaked out, it could also have had to do with the sequencers being stopped early.