Assertion failed error when changing number of bones

I am working on a VR game. I am having issues with skeletal meshes not showing up. I am 99% sure that it is do to the fact that the bone count is more than 75. I have 4.26 source. I found where the code is set to 75. I changed the number. I have tried several numbers the lowest I tried is 150. It compiles and builds the engine. When I run the project I get an assertion failed. The file is GPUSkinVertexFactory.cpp. The line is this

check(NumBones * sizeof(FMatrix3x4) <= sizeof(GBoneUniformStruct));

I am not sure why it is failing. I suspect it is greater than the GBoneUnifromStruct I tried to figure out what that value is but no luck.
I have attached a screen shot of the actual error. I need to increase the bone count as I have several store bought models and I can’t fix the bone issue.