Assembling a character with the functions of many different MP asset blueprints

Can anyone help guide me in assembling these assets into the playable characters blueprints or features?

I have been trying to figure it out for the last month; how to put all these assets together in a way where the player of my demo could use these systems to inspect things, pick them up, or in the case for the security character models, to use the model as a player. I have gotten at least one of them to work (object inspection system) but I cannot get all of them to work in game-engine. How would I go about making this work? I’d like to know for the future so I can practice assembling my main character when I get home.

All I need are tips or a how-to on this. What has to be done in UE4 in order to ensure that the player use all these assets?

The player must be able to interact with the elevator, inspect objects, pick them up, and etc.

I’m only used to starting a new project, going in, and behold the player is already equipped with the blueprint to do what he needs to do in that particular project. How can I integrate other assets in that same project?

If this is in the wrong section or has been answered already, please let me know. I apologize if that is the case. I took the time to search for an answer before I posted this, but didn’t find one. Perhaps I didn’t include the right search terms. Whatever the result is, please if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I

Hi nolea94, I’ve also purchased assets from the UMP with intent to integrate them all into a single game. I’m thinking the Migration Tool is what your looking for to integrate the UMP assets that create a separate project into your main project. The migration tool will move all of the Assets in Content Folder associated (to include the raw files). However, any customized Configuration files will need to merged into the main project Configuration files manually.

What you are saying essentially is that I can use this ‘Migration tool’ to allow all the BP’s to work with each other, without me ding much? Nooo… lol
Am I mistaken that you mean to say that it will migrate all the assets so they MAY be used or placed in the game world, as opposed to getting them to work in-game?

If the first, sweet! If the second, well, I was getting tired of the way I migrated before this, so this was useful to a degree.


It will migrate the assets from one project to another. It will not provide the functionality for those assets. Example: It will move the elevator and the relevant blueprints into your project, but it will not set it up to interact. You have to do the leg work in getting them to talk to each other and with others.