Assault rifle stutters with recoil should stay up while firing

So basically im following a udemy course as im wanting to get into game development and learn the engine and make games but the instructor is never replying not to anyone in the last 7 - 8 months so i call upon the unreal engine community to help me out if anyone knows the udemy course Make “**Unreal Engine 4: Build Your Own First Person Shooter” this is what course im doing

Plus all firing blueprints

Video of the problem (Click on picture to watch as you can’t see the play button)**

i think in the last screenshot you are adding a recoil pitch,
you have an alpha too , but if you dont want to move, just remove that part.
all that Controller Pitch

I don’t want the recoil to go completely i just want it to be a normal recoil but in the video it goes into the recoil and when you carry on shooting it goes up and down up and down and looks unnatural.

So the problem is that you want to start adding pitch until a certain max, above that you should not go forther .
So you could use a “clamp” and some check, to keep the range of the pitch.

Or you can Just set 2 rotations, min and max, and lerp between them, using the alpha "always with clamp " and setting the pitch

Lovely thank you for your help i will try these:)

Also in which blueprint would this be in?

Hard to say,
i see you have an fps_Arms_anim_blueprint with inside some calculation about the recoil, to sent to char-Currentweapon- Y&Zoffset.
And then in the WP_weaponBase, you set the pitch for the character based on the recoil.
So you have two places that build the behaviour of the recoil.
I am a bit confused about this.

( for me ) The simplest- thing to do should be
having a character with the behavior of recoil with variables fot the time and the strenght of the recoil.
When using a gun- , you should check inside a table for the right variable to set.
a 38 gun? Recoil 2 Strenght 2
A desert eagle? Recoil 4 Strenght 10