Assault Rifle/Bow Help Needed


I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to get the location of where a bullet hits or the object the bullet hits. I know you can do it with arrows and projectiles with the On Explode event but I cant find anything close to that with guns.

Is there a way to make a gun (not bow/rocket launcher) do no damage to dinos/players and only do damage to structures?

I have an issue with the Bow… It doesn’t reload. It fires the first arrow and then my character just stands there like an idiot wondering if maybe he should get the next arrow out but decides the mad dino wanting to eat him for dinner is doesn’t need another arrow in its eye, one was enough. To get it to fire another arrow I have to either un-equip then re-equip the bow or open then close the inventory screen. This is rather frustrating. It happened when I turned infinite ammo on, I turned it off and it now keeps happening still.


  1. Guns don’t fire projectiles, they draw “traces” when you shoot, effectively releasing light rays. Now sure if there’s such a thing, but calling “On Hit” on the guns might work.
  2. You’re looking for DamageTypes, and corresponding settings inside PlayerPawn and DinoSettings. This will likely require a TC.
  3. Was that the only thing you changed? Not sure why doing either would cause this sort of error.

Thanks for the reply

I have looked at the events for the weapons and I don’t think any of the events will help me. The ‘Hit’ event doesn’t fire when the weapon shoots at something. what I am trying to do is make a gun that spawns things. I can get a projectile to do it but I want a gun to.


In that case, you might have to do a bit more work. The guns are designed to be “instant” hence the lack of projectiles, but there’s no reason you can’t grab a projectile weapon class and replace all assets with a firearm’s. You’d have to add an asset for the actual bullet as they aren’t in the game (or ADK), and mess around with things like projectile speed, but it isn’t impossible.

Or, if you can fire a similar event on a melee weapon, try doing the same for guns. As they do, in a sense, work as “melee at range”.

Thanks Sench.

I have only just started modding and I haven’t actually gotten round to looking into melee weapons yet but that sounds like a good idea (I lost a considerable amount of time laughing once I found that some Dinos had a hump animation). I will play around with both checking out melee weapons and also try the 1st option you suggested. I like the idea of guns having projectiles so there is a very slight delay to the gun shooting and the target being hit (Like in Borderlands)

I will post here how I get along and if I manage to make something work.