Assassins Creed and Watchdogs mix

Alright so I have an idea that Assassins Creed and Watchdogs mix.
Basically you are looking for the only place that you can find happiness, but on the way their are a few bodies that will be dropped. And when you get there (SPOILER) you regret ever getting there because of the people you killed, and have an ultimatum, either commit suicide or face you fate and live on.


Any ideas on what I should do of the story?

Thanks for the info.

Make it…

This is the Work in Progress Board, I think you are wrong here. Are you even capable of making any of these games? Reading your open post feels like you have no idea (no offense) :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like you have the core of the story right there. The first place I would start developing/learning is with animations and player controls. AC and Watchdogs both had a very fluid running, jumping, and climbing system. It’s what set the first Assasin’s Creed apart from other games.

These two threads are also on the front page and looking really good.

First off: its fine, I get that a lot

and second off: Thank you sooo much for this