Aspect ratio 16:10 for 2560x1600 res.

My game detects all supported resolutions and allows players to change between them, and also change windowed full screen, full screen and windowed, but one of the testers found that the screen is cut off on the right hand side when using 2560x1600, which I believe requires aspect ratio 16:10 instead of 16:9.

From what I understand I can cast to the player character and pull the camera off, then set constrained aspect ratio to true, then set the aspect ratio as a float via the set aspect ratio node.

My questions are,

  1. Is this the best way of achieving what I am after here? Since I have no way to test my theory without packaging and uploading to Steam, since I do not have a monitor to test this, it would be quite a pain to test with at least asking the forums for their opinion first.

  2. I assume a float version of aspect ratio 16:10 would be 1.6, is this also correct?