Aspect from texture to plane

Hi All

I am pretty new to unreal and have a problem with the object aspect ratio.

I have a plane in a scene and a material with a texture. How can i adjust the aspect ratio of the plane to the aspect of the texture?

I don’t want to do this manually, because later on i need to change the texture on the plane dynamical.

Thx and greetings


Really nobody who can help how to set the aspect of a plane according to the aspect of the texture on it?

Thanks and greetings


Same question here! Is there way to automatically set plane aspect ratio based on the texture?

And all textures should be power of 2, so there would really never be any need. keep the plane a square, the aspect ratio will therefore always be correct.

but if i need to show pictures in different aspect ratio… taken with a telephone… some in portrait others in landscape… looks pretty nice in a square…

A texture is not a picture. If you want to handle a picture you need to handle a picture. Completely different thing. You probably shouldnt use a material for it.
try looking into the Media player.