Asking for some help with a tutorial. Regarding adding a weapon to a pawn.

There are tutorials out there regarding a lot with unreal, but it seems to me that I’m having a bit of a steeper learning curve then I expected with setting a weapon up for my spaceship.

So I’ve got my ship in my game. It’s flyable, and everything is working as far as my movement goes. It’s time to add my weapons to the ship. However, every tutorial video I can find regarding projectiles and weapons, seems to only work with adding sockets to characters, attaching weapons, and ripping off a lot of the preset blueprints. I have no clue how to add a particle effect tied with a left mouse click for example, and to create a projectile spawn from the gun location of my ship.

So my (completely noob question) is this. . .

My ship is already textured and modeled with weapons. It’s already in game. It’s currently a BP pawn, with physics thrusters to drive it.

How would I add a weapon system to this thing? I downloaded the sci-fi particles pack from the marketplace and would like to use some of them for the guns weapons, as well as projectiles that can destroy things in game.

Would anyone be kind enough to give me a guide or write up a walkthrough on this? Perhaps link me to a video or web guide that I may have missed? I’ve spent the better part of the morning searching the net for help, but I can’t seem to find anything dealing with pawns, and setting this up the way I’m looking to.

I’m extremely uneducated with blueprints, but It’s definitely been fun. I’d certainly appreciate any help I can get to create this! I’ve got a mumble server, and skype if it may be easier/quicker for anyone to help me through this. I’d gladly put a tut up on this after I can learn it. Anyways, thanks in advance!

EDIT: Okay, I managed to play around a little bit, but I can’t seem to get the projectile to be fired from the guns on my pawn. And I also can’t seem to get it to fire in the right direction. lol. but I did manage to make a projectile fire!! So I’m at a good start right? lol

This is what the blueprint looks like so far…

Right now I’m not much closer…

im much the same as you, don’t know much and sometimes it can be frustrating trying to find the info. if your ship is a skeletal mesh you could add a socket and move it to the location of the guns, then spawn the projectile from the socket, Google videos on that, it might give you anther way of doing it.
if it is a mesh you could add a anther + vector in between the one you have and the “location” and play with the 3 values till you get it in the right position, but im not shore if that will work at all.

Drop to my blog: lot of weapons tutorials. You should get overall theory about implementing weapons.

I’ve been here as well.

However, without a socket to attach to, I’m not sure how to correctly attach the weapon to a static mesh. I can’t get it to spawn on my ship. I can only seem to have my projectiles spawning on my screen.

Hi Illuzioun,

I’m not sure if I can help much, but pls have look at the screenshot below


Most(or all?) static mesh, you can create socket for it, and like skeleton’s socket, you may add preview mesh and make the required transform (rot/scale etc). And like skeletal’s mesh, you can attach (spawn actor from class -> attach actor to component) any class to this socket.

After you create a socket for the mesh, THEN you create Blueprint based on that mesh, which I may be wrong about it, but that’s how I did it. You said that your ship is actor BP based, means it has a mesh-based/static mesh component. Have that static mesh to has socket created, then re-create your spaceship BP with it. Afterward, you can use the socket to attach object/class onto it.

As for the weapon thingy, best is to create another e.g. SpaceShipGunBP, which you can attach via socket to your e.g. SpaceShip BP