Ask Unreal to rebuild NavMesh at runtime

Hi everyone,

Since the 4.20 release, the command “RebuildNavigation” has been dropped from Unreal and I would like to know if there were an alternative to it.

I know there is the “Dynamic” option in “Runtime Generation” inside “Projects Settings” but the thing is, I don’t want the NavMesh to be rebuilt at tick or every X seconds.

I have a system where I use Level Instances instead of a whole persistent level with 4589 Levels inside it. But the thing is, where I launch a load level instance, I bind an event to it’s OnLevelVisible delegate. And I want to ask :“Yeah, my level is visible now, rebuild the NavMesh”. So I only need to do it once.

But it seems we can’t on UE4. It has to be periodic or static.

Does anyone have a clue ?

Best regards everyone.


id like to bump this.

i have a blueprint that randomly picks parts and makes a level from them.
i would need to rebuild the nav mesh after its completed.

when i try the dynamic nav my enemies dont work properly.