Ask, Pivot Point

Hello, dear community,
I ask to the UE support group ( Maybe this is not the right place where I should publish this request, if yes, please redirect to the relevant section). I use UE for architectural visualization purposes and so far its a bit annoying that there is no possibility change object’s pivot point inside UE (I mean, pivot point must be unchanged after manipulation and would not reset to the original position). Please, make it available in future Versions (it would be nice to have a PP changing tool like the Blender 2.81 version has). Thank You in advance.

Agreed. This would be a fantastic addition to the functionality of the useful new mesh editing tools.

Thanks. It would be good if we could change the pivot point rather than the pivot point offset.

Thank You S-Dot for ur replay, but i agree IslandPlaya, we need more robust and fully functionality PP changing tool inside EU. Sorry, but the video u referenced above is not helpfull at all

Hi TomaTarchia, check this out as you may find it helpful:…lug/pivot-tool

Additionally, if you seek blueprint functionality (ie rotation of static mesh inside blueprint) you can add an arrow component or scene component and make the static mesh a child of the component. Then any functionality applied to the parent component (scale, transform, rotation, etc.) will influence the static mesh actor.

what mvollrath is basically saying then the arrow / scene component master is the new pivot. as you can freely place or move it, you have a solution/workaround for youre pivot problem.

Thank you guys for your feedbacks. But I mean something else. I have no problem setting a PP anywhere on any subject. But, by now, for this I need to do some extra work (modifying mesh in an external 3d programm or make some mesh hierarchy like in the video movollrath mentioned above). It would be nice if that were possible under mesh editor.

If you tell us exactly what you want to do then maybe we can help. I worked with unreal engine for many years, most of those years in games. Being unable to set the pivot point in unreal seems a bit of a bummer but there are easy ways to work around this. - You know you can attach objects to other objects. So you could place an invisible sphere, attach the object you want to rotate and then rotate the sphere. Let’s say there is a door, you attach the door to the invisible sphere where the hinges are. Then you attach the door handles to the door and they can be rotated by their own pivot while you open the door. Thousands of game scenes have been made with sometimes lots of objects rotating or moving around and there was no pivot you could have adjusted in unreal. You just need to be creative with what you can do.

What we want is the choice to dispense with such workarounds (in many contexts) by using the mesh editor to change the pp and ‘bake’ it into the mesh asset.
Is there is some fundamental reason why this is problematic?

Welcome everyone. S-Dot, of course, I know all techniques you mentioned above. I mean something else. Please, check the video - In my opinion, this is a simple, perfect and very convenient PP control manner. I repeat, it would be excellent tool under UnrealEngine mesh editor.