(ask) monetize with Admob, Airpush, Adience

I am currently developer of Unity, but when i heard from other people that, still other Engine Game development really cool and better than Unity, they call it Unreal Engine, but for 2 years i am using Unity because they have ability to monetize the application or game, now i am consider if does Unreal Engine support for monetizing like airpush, admob, adience and other publsher third party?

If Unreal Engine support it, how to get in the way to put the SDK admob, airpush and others. If some one can tell me, i will decided to move in Unreal Engine,

If Unreal Engine can not, i will keep using Unity, i dont care with the price license, since can make me money, i will keep using it.

Please give the solution

Until now, no one can answer my question… Hmmm

Basically you have source code so you can implement whatever ads you like. Admob is supported by default by the engine.

I need the implementation not only argument

Hi ariandani,

Check out Tappy Chicken. This example project has admob implemented. You can find more information here: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/82921/when-will-android-adverts-be-supported.html .

Unity doesn’t have Ads implemented by them. AdColony etc have implemented their plugins for Unity, maybe if Epic will talk with them they will be able to implement plugins for UE4 as well. It would be more simple but I think that marketplace is the way and people should start working on Ads support plugins and get some cash from it :wink:

It’s sound great if some one can share the plugin for monetize the game, like in unity has…

I am waiting for good news from developer to make the plugin for monetize game

Hi Adam,
yes thats great, i have installed the tappy chicken, but please would you make the plugin is just not only for Admob, there are many monetize company out there more make revenue for us, such Airpush, AdColony, LeadBolt, Adience, Mopub, InMobi, i am a publisher with all the company listed

Don’t use admob, it’s scam and only gives you cents.

Try using Leadbolt Ads, it gives you more (about > 3 x) than admob.

and you can maximize your revenue by using 2 or 3 ad networks (in case the main ad network failed to return ads).
Airpush is good, but they only give low fill rate ads return. You also can try mobclix.