Ask for help about light and shadow issue

light Map = 512. In my scenario, each object is black spot from a distance.But normal if check it closely. Just like the attached picture below. What is the root cause for this? Is there any way to solve it?



Look at the 2 red messages:
You have 682 unbuilt objects. Did you rebuild the level lighting?
Your level is streaming textures because you are over the max texture pool size. UE4 may reduce the lightmap (texture) size to get all textures in memory.

I may be wrong but it looks like you are using a stationary light with a dynamic shadow distance. With this type of light the objects in close range will use dynamic shadows. So you will see lightmap problems only when you are further away.

If it’s a lightmap problem you might use uv #1 in your static mesh settings instead of the 2nd uv set.

Maybe show us the uv layout of the mesh?