(ASK) Communicate between blueprints

Hi Guys!

If i create a variable example HelathStatus in the MyCharacter blueprint,(side_scroll_template) how can i pass the data to the level blueprint?
I want something change when the HealthStatus is =<30. I can’t click on the MyCharacter blueprint so i can’t see the event dispatcher in level blueprint :frowning:

Any idea?

Thanks a lot Guys!


Have you try blueprint interface ? Blueprint Interface | Unreal Engine Documentation

Yes but I’m sure that I use totally wrong :frowning:

Here is my HealthStatus from MyCharacter, can you explain, how can i use in the right way?


Ok I found the solution!!! :slight_smile:

The HealthStatus is from the MyCharacter blueprint, and the HealthStatusLevelBP is a variable in level blueprint, so i can change the post process efect if the HelathStatus is under 30% :slight_smile:

Did you check out this video:

Event Dispatchers are generally the ‘right’ way to communicate between a Class BP in a level and the Level BP. Doing it that way allows you to re-use your Class BP across multiple levels. This is why we don’t let you directly access the Level BP from inside a Class BP.