Ashecliff Island | Horror Game | Bunker Scene

Hey Guys sorry for the bad englisch but i come from germany, so i wanna show you My First Project in the Unreal engine 4
It will be a FPS Horror game, its idea based on the book or the Movie Shutter Island
it will have some things from it but with my own Concept :slight_smile: Like the Bunker you see here
Ashecliff Island was an Military Base before it changed for mentally disordered patients
The bunker is still in use for some experiments but more later i dont want to tell you lot from the game
You will See or Play it self Later :slight_smile:

Here are some Screenshots, Please give me Feedback and what i can Change
I say it extra, its Only Pre-Alpha Content

Stay tuned :wink:
And thanks for the Feedback :slight_smile:

There isn’t a lot to comment on, really. All the assets are from the Bunker marketplace pack and we can’t see enough of the environments to see if they’re well ‘designed’. The chromatic aberration is way too extreme in the first screenshots, though.