Ash Rain or Snow Flakes?

I would like to simulate Ash-Rain. Ashes, that are falling down from the sky like snow-flakes. Like, from a Vulcano. Or a Post Apocalyptic Nuclear Desaster.

Is there anything out there that already exists and can be used?
And if not, is it hard to get this effect done?

Thank you so much for any help, tutorials and guidance.
Appreciate it!

Not sure about what exists, but adding tessellation based on normals of the mesh is pretty simple / covered in default tutorials.
you can jus add a nice custom particle effect for the snowfall and have the tessellation’s (world position offset) multiplier managed in BP with a timeline to have more of a depth to the falling stuff over time.

ofc every material that is expected to receive snowfall or ashfall has to have the same stuff in the material in order for it to happen.
to do that with minimal work I implemented a custom material function. That outputs the corrected WPO and Base Color/Normal map.

Thank you so much. Can you recommend any specific Video Tutorial for that?

The wiki is a good source