Ase & PSK file support

As the title suggests, is there no *.ASE or *.PSK file support any more?

This is a bit of a let down for those of us working on old versions of 3ds Max if it’s not going to be added in the future.

Thanks to the full code this can be readded :slight_smile: i am just getting set up but will look into it later,
my other plan includes to write a seamless maya plugin for export/import :slight_smile:

I thought .fbx was a main focus. I know they stopped supported thing .ase exporters for the recent Autodesk products some time ago.

ActorX has been deprecated, FBX is fully supported on UE4, and is better when dealing with scale conversions.

i know they supported fbx in udk but there was just so many problems with it.
i hope this one is much better

Coming from Blender .FBX will not work for Skeletons or Animations only for Static Meshes. Which is a bummer because that means blender is out unless someone knows something I don’t, which is always possible. Which means if you want to develop on UE4 you must drop some real change on tools :frowning:

hi OSIAS, I am a blender user as well and have had no real problem using blenders fbx exporter to get skeletal meshes and there animations into UE4 so if you have a problem just ask and we can help

Just to make people aware if you are a student you can get a free copy of 3dsmax and maya from auto desk on a 3 year student license.

I for one would like to see the .PSK backward compatibility since I spent so many years building worlds in the old Unreal 2.5 engine editor which came with Tribes Vengeance. I was able to keep making new worlds for my son to play as he grew up and now I have all of these completed package files that are no good in the new UE. It would be nice to at least import the static meshes if not the skeletal meshes, classes and animations. I’ve also found that those of us using older Max versions (I’m still using 7) are unable to correctly import the FBX files that are exported. I understand that the export plugin is older but there are no newer plugins that will work with my old Max and a new version of max is waaaaay out of my budget. The old FBX files do import in UE4.14 but with no textures, shaders or anything else imported correctly. Please do add .PSK import capabilities for UE4. (ASE would even be ok but prefer to be able to upload the entire package file at once if possible.)