Ascension Of Heroes - Looking for UI Designer

We’re looking for a UI Designer capable of creating UI elements in fantasy style. We do not have a strict concept of the UI yet but we’re open for suggestions.

What is Ascension of Heroes?
It’s a fantasy, turn based strategy game with turn based battles, variety of units and their unique abilities, artifacts with special properties, potions, ruins to explore and cities to conquer.

Is it a fresh concept of a game that will never be released?
It’s not so fresh and it will definitely be released on either Steam or GOG. We’ve been working hard on it since November 2016. At this moment the prototype is being rewritten (we’re about to finish rewriting) to be more optimised and friendly for further development. The system is very flexible allowing complex interactions to be made simply.

Who’s in the team?
BP/C++ Programmer, game mechanics (me :D)
PR, game concept, lore (Werpa)

Is there a concept video?
Of course:

What do I get for my work?
A fair share after the game is released and earns some gold. I mean money. The amount of payment depends on the quality of work and how it fits general game concept.

What we need:

  • General: Unit portraits, interaction menus
  • Main map HUD: Minimap frame, currently selected hero, information about current resources, current turn number
  • Battle HUD: Team compositions’ outline, information about current unit’s turn, health bars/numbers
  • Anything that is not listed above and may pop up later

Optional but most welcome:

  • Knows how to work with UMG
  • Played Disciples Sacred Lands or it’s successor Disciples 2 (any of campaigns)
  • Would like to stay with the team until game is released and be a part of the whole process
  • Friendly and open for opinions

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in comments.