ASAP: Troubles Making Landscape Materials

Hi, I am struggling with making my landscape materials for my environment design class assignment. I have follow along with the article and video UE4 Step by Step to Your First Landscape Material. I was told even if you are using UE5 which I am that it will still works, but I do not know what else could be the problem.

I have been trying to preview the material for my landscape, but it only shows up black chrome and when I tried after following the other steps it will show up clear almost reflecting the level itself instead of the ground and rock textures I want to use to create my landscape material.

I need an answer as soon as possible because the assignment is due on the 27th of July and I want to be able to finish doing all the level making and finish all my assignment before the time comes. The reason why I did not finish this earlier because I was terribly ill for two weeks. Please help me if you can. I truly appreciate it. I will attach the screenshot of what I have so far and hopefully it helps to help you help me.