As sharing link in my game?


As I can do to share my link to google play from the same game for facebook and google plus?

Hi Slam,

If you are trying to get a link to post to facebook and google plus to your game on the Google Play Store, it takes this form:[package name]

For example, Tappy Chicken has a package name of com.epicgames.TappyChicken so this is the link:

If I am mistaken in what you are asking for, please let me know and I will see about helping you further.

Hi ,

I want to do is place a button in the game to share the link to google play in googlePlus player.

Like share a high score, or some sort of request?
I’m also interested in how to do that.

The support isn’t there yet, only way to do this now is via the browser -> sharing a link. This can’t be done by default ingame (yet?) as the facebook implementation is lacking at this moment.

You have to do it by PHP and launching a url in the engine. I have it working this way for the game i’m currently working on but the bad part is that you will open a browser so players won’t stay in-game.