As of 4.15, Bloom has ZERO artistic control.

EDIT: If you’re going to vote no on the poll, at least provide a valid reason and enter the discussion.

EDIT #2: I am not arguing against the physical-correctness of the new Tonemapper. I am arguing that it removes artistic control.

This thread has already been done here, so you can already see the problem in detail. However, it’s in the Rendering section and we’ve had no official feedback on it. I’m going to pinch some images from that thread to highlight the problem.


I’m making a very VFX-heavy game and in all honesty, the changes to bloom and the Tonemapper in 4.15 are making life extremely difficult. It is impossible, to get nice saturated bloom or glow on objects - a desired aesthetic for thousands of games. What irks me is that it was always possible to get this desaturated / white glow before by toying with your settings - but it isn’t possible to go back to old behavior in 4.15. You are now forced to change the look of your game if you want to adopt 4.15 and future versions of the engine.

Another Example in this post

I understand that this is NOT physically-accurate - but I’m not making a physically accurate game and neither are many other users. The biggest issue is that switching back to the old Tonemapper does not restore the effects to the way they looked in previous versions (it’s not even close!, and I like some of the features of the new Tonemapper so don’t want to lose everything. As I understand it, the old Tonemapper is eventually going to be phased out too, which is another problem.

This doesn’t just affect your users, it affects Epic content too. Look at how Elemental Demo looks in 4.15 compared to previous iterations. 4.15 on the left, 4.11 on the right. 4.11 is arguably much more desirable and most importantly - you could achieve 4.15’s effect by just de-saturating the emissive values. It’s impossible to get the look of 4.11 in 4.15.


To further the issue, reflections don’t produce the desired results either:

What would it take to get our beloved, saturated, colourful bloom back?

Trying to update an old project that I put years of work into.

Even after trying to compensate for the Tonemapper, I can’t get even remotely close to what the game is supposed to look like. Honestly, the most infuriating change to this engine so far has been forcing the Filmic Tonemapper on everyone.

Still fighting against bloom in my non-realistic project as well -.-