ArvinMoses Giving Away Substance Freebies!

Hi guys,
Been using UE4 for awhile but new to the forums. I’ve recently built some Substances as small experiments and wanted to give some away. I’ve also developed some tutorials on creating them and using SD to texture. Hope you guys like it!

Please let me know if you guys use it and repost! Would love to see it used somewhere.
It will require a really quick registration. I just wanted to keep up with how many downloads I was getting.

Here are some short tutorials

Hope you guys like it!

Updated with several new materials - Chainmail, Cliff, and Leather Couch:


I downloaded the wood material but it was just the sbsar file. Can you upload the sbs file? I would really like to play with your Substance. :slight_smile:

Learning a lot from your substances! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey, is there any chance of you uploading some more tutorials that go a bit more in depth with creating normal maps and diffuse and such in substance?

Thanks for the gift.

Edit : I just did a try and got a crash with brickwall.sbar (not the in designer. i’ve just updated to 4.6.1. All others were fine.