Aruné | Open world adventure game hiring at all skill levels

Hello! I’m Satyr, the lead developer of an Unreal Engine 4 project called Aruné, and we are looking for help developing our game. I’ll babble on about it in a minute, but first I want to prove our dedication.

A small album of screenshots from our 8km open world map:

Concept art and (working) 3d model of our player character:

We’ve even purchased and put up a placeholder website for future reference.

Aruné is a 3D, third person adventure/exploration game where the player explores an ancient, ruined world, encountering mind-bending Escherian mazes while hunting bizarre ghost-like creatures. It’s also a storytelling game about the human psyche and the nature of mental illness, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

Our game will be focused on adventure, discovery and exploration. Finding and exploring ruins, gathering collectibles, solving puzzles and talking to ghosts are the main aspects of gameplay. Aruné will be expansive, detailed, open-ended, riddled with hidden secrets and completely combat free.

There are two things you should know about our team. First, we are dedicated to this project. A lot of ideas for games seem to come and go quickly in this new “anyone can make a game for free” market. Aruné has been in development for only about three months now, but we intend to finish it even if that takes five years. (More realistically, we’d like to finish it in less than two years!) We have a strong, detailed concept and a formal design document. If you join this team, please be prepared for the long haul. In return, you can trust us not to abandon this project partway through.

Secondly, we are complete, utter amateurs. Nobody on our team has any professional experience. A lot of us are learning new skills in programming, modelling, etc. for the first time on this project. We break the rules, think outside of the box and do things in ways that more veteran programmers and designers might shudder at. This does not mean that we will settle for poor results or an inferior product, on the contrary we are perfectionists, and we are doing this in order to learn and grow as developers so that in the future we can perhaps become recognized as an indie studio. Nice dream, right?

As we learn how to use UE4 and how to develop an indie game, we’d like to invite as many of you as possible to join us in learning! This is a completely open invitation. Any skill that you have will probably be useful to us, and even if you don’t have any skills, you’re welcome to join us just to observe, discuss and learn.

Specific jobs we need to fill include but are not limited to:

  • Blueprint developers
  • (Optional) C++ coders
  • Concept artists
  • Writers
  • Animation / rigging specialists
  • 3D modelers, particularly those skilled with architecture
  • Sound designers
  • Graphic designers / 2D artists
  • Marketers, website designers, musicians, storyboarders, legal aides, “idea guys”
  • Literally anyone else!

If you’re interested in joining the Aruné team, you can reply to this post, or join our Skype group by adding Satyrcynic as a contact.

There are no requirements for joining the team beyond a smidgen of maturity, the ability to communicate in legible English and being friendly and respectful to everyone else on the team

I look forward to working with all of you!


Hi Satyr! :slight_smile: This looks like a fantastic and intrigueing project. I am impressed and inspired by the game concept.

I am a fairly experienced and skilled 3D artist, and although I am working pretty much full time on a Sci-Fi Third Person Shooter game at the moment, I may be able to help you guys occasionally. I’ll add you on Skype and perhaps we can have a chat some time. Cheers! :slight_smile: My portfolio:

One small suggestion that might be helpful / relevant: Getting good quality animations for human characters is really important for making a nice game. I think I can see from the screenshot of your character model that it is indeed using the Epic 4.8 Mannequin Skeleton, with some additional bones for the clothing and hair etc. Have you considered using the UE4 Marketplace Motion Capture packs to animate your character?

I can help u guys on my free time, check skype.

Hello Satyr! my names Sam i am a recent graduate and was interested in learning more about your game. i graduated with a portfolio in hard surface modeling and was interested in your architectural needs for your game. my portfolio and demo reel can be found on . thank you so much for your time and i hope to chat soon.

Hello Satyr

Currently doing all the jobs you need to fill all alone! Wrote 3 games on paper with cut scenes dialogue every stage every mission in vivid detail character manifestation and autonomous cinematics like a Hollywood script. Big problem of mine is I cant build these open world games alone. Trust me I have been trying for almost a year on a daily basis ever since the engine came out free I have been living inside it lol.

I’d be interested in helping you with playtesting and QA, if you’re interested!