Arukanoido -
An Arkanoid Remake (Named after the English spelling of the Japanese name.)

I have been working on developing my Unreal Engine skills, and decided to make some old arcade games as my learning steps. The first that I took seriously was this remake of Arkanoid, a classic arcade game that I loved growing up.

I wanted to release a beta version to the public, to get some feedback. I have learned a lot from this experience. From doing tutorials, to hiring a seasoned tutor, I have grown a great deal with blueprints and some other aspects of the engine. I would say that this project is a good showcase of what I am capable of, in general. Although, I have grown past this a while ago, in terms of overall blueprinting skill. (my focus)

I plan to release other games like this, as I tackle new problems and learn new systems. Since my initial plan was sticking with the rudimentary game play mechanics of older games, as I worked my way up to more complex systems. I have built a lot more things along the way, and I want to finish and release them.

I am currently also working on making a marketplace offering, and a larger more modern game project. I am taking this as a serious business, as it is something I have always wanted to start, but never had the time. Now, that I am secure in my business and home life, I have decided to finally (in my old age) chase the dream of being an independent development studio owner.
I hope to showcase more in the very near future, and am looking forward to spending more and more of my time on this business.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Here is a video, and below that is the download.

The beta 0.92 demo can be downloaded Here.
Thanks to anyone who plays and gives feedback!

Finally, none of this would be possible if it weren’t for the help of my tutor Dave @xlar8or here on the forums. His thread, here, has been the best resource I could have bought, to further my agenda.

Coming from a web programming background, I would have eventually gotten the system and syntax, but nowhere near as fast, or effectively. Learning unreal blueprints, and diving into C++, would have taken me a lot longer and would have been a lot more painful, had I not hired him.

I wouldn’t have bothered to make this demo and would have spent more time, perhaps wasted more time, tinkering with marketplace examples and watching outdated tutorials. So, Thanks Dave! You saved me a lot of trouble, and helped make this demo as good as it is today. I hope people try it and agree!

Thanks for the kind words @gstreetgames :slight_smile: You’re a great tutee and it was a fun project to help you hone your skills!

Thanks Dave! Hopefully our work won’t go unnoticed… There is more to come very soon! :smiley: