ARTv1 won't download & ARTv2 is broken.

ARTv1 not downloading -

ARTv2 display bug/crash-

I have not been able to download ARTv1 for 2 months now so I tried ARTv2 in the meantime, and the bugs are extreme.
I cannot CTRL Z nor delete modules or else the plugin bugs out and becomes unresponsive, and this doesn’t just occur when trying to remove a module, its happened other times, sometimes just from minimizing maya, it is incredibly frustrating. All I am trying to do, is apply a UE4 skeleton to my character models.

If there is no fix for ARTv2, then can someone upload ARTv1 for me, because I need something that works.

I believe the issue was a bug with the Epic Games Launcher, but a friend was able to send me a copy, so I did not confirm that for certain.

Switch to Blender?

Im trying to download from the ue4 marketplace right now actually. I get no errors so far… will update with results.
Downloaded just fine…

Just install any engine it runs with, download, move to the desktop - delete the whole engine unless you plan on somehow using it.