ARTv1 manequine problem.

Hey, am just trying to figure out ARTv1 but am unable to Add character for animation. Looks like path is wrong but also when i try to import mannequin.mb it looks its saved in higher version of maya. I am using 2014. Thanks for helping out

script editor log:

Please check the Script Editor for details. #

Warning: Error reading file. : E:/Epic Games_my stuff/ARTv1/MayaTools/General/ART/Projects/Sample/AnimRigs/Mannequin.mb

Error: Unknown Maya file version: 2016.

[u’MannequinRN’, u’MannequinRN1’, u’MannequinRN2’]

The ART_V1 Mannequin was saved using maya 2016, you need 2016 to open it.