Artv1 install not working

Hi, I am trying to install the ArtV1 plugin in maya 2017 Update 4 and the error pop-up to locate the plugin folder is just not showing up.

I copy the to the Documents/maya/2017/scripts folder but then the dialog box for the path just doesnt appear so obviously the plugin is not loaded

In the Documents/maya/2017/scripts folder you should delete the file mayaTools.txt

i think the art rigging tools support just (( maya 2017 update 3 ))
if you need to use artv1 - you can rollback to maya 2017 update 3

If pop-up message does not appear. In my case, the problem was in the location of the files due to One Drive. The file location was C:\Users\\One Drive\Documents\maya2022\scripts instead of C:\Users\\Documents\maya2022\scripts. This prevented from working properly