ArtSpace LVL X Magic the Gathering - Fluid edition

Summoning the planes walkers out of ether extract your armies from your immagination. Reincarnate, renown, bolster…

The shadow of Aid, its original is bureied under layers of paint, during 2nd over exposure to fluid. The Texture was split into layer, individually recolored and mild OC.

Twisted Warfare, the Sabers troops… try flipping x180, reverse oc the dark force emerges

Dark after Light, Night Dragon vs the Sun, or s it a liquid curse…

Parasyte, Layered being, the Demon of Un Dal, There is something Consuming him from inside, the Peneal Gland, seems like something is behind. There is another layer between the Venom and the Parasyte… The funny thing is, that is the same layer i have been structuring past.


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Art Space LVL 1 - Personal Dimension - the arcenal of the creator. Displaying any given Collection of any Fluid Artist, within 3D space, procedurally defining details of each within the data table or externally, filling target exell sheet table. With Images - textures and 3d text - tags that interractively highlight the supremacy of 3D Unreal Network over primitive planar based sources of data.