Artsit & Programmers needed for Desiccated

ue4 programmer needed for production in a new upcoming game called Desiccated

In this open wasteland you are a survivor trying to thrive in a collapsing civilization by scavenging and looting abandoned buildings. Creating ties with groups and clans in order to get protection and shelter. Building your own home base to store and protect your property. Its up to you what type of survivor to become.

Due to political pressure from foreign governments the USA has been forced to pay back all of its debts to foreign countries causing economic collapse and the fall of government control over the people. With the lose of control america has turned into a wasteland for thieves, junkies and outlaws all trying to survive and take control for their own needs.

-3rd person

  • Open World
  • Dynamic Wilderness System
  • Dynamic Health System
  • Dynamic Weapon System
  • Dynamic Event System
  • Dynamic Building System
  • NCP group/clan systems

Team Name:
Enigma Studios

Team Structure:(Leads Only)
Jerome Thompson - Community Manager/Marketing Manager
Colton - programmer/community manager
Thomas - 3D Lead
Sean - 3D Artist/Team Manager
Blake Ladner Rusinoski - Prop Artist
Bogdan - Lead Concept Artist
Carl - LVL Design

Previous Work:
N/A(New Company)

Talent Required:

programmer (1)
at least 1 year of experience in ue4 BP system
aswell as great communication
and a detailed knowledge of github

LVL Design (2)
Strong experience in ue4
Must be proficient in using/customizing lighting in ue4
as well as great landscape modeling skills

Website: (WIP)

Skype: EnigmaDevColton

Posting once is OK. Posting more than once is not OK.

Separately, some story advice:

Turns out, the US foreign debt is denominated in DOLLARS. So, worst case, the US government would just print enough dollars to pay it, and then the global dollar supply would go up 10% or so and the value of the dollar perhaps down 10% (except much of this debt is already factored into the value of the dollar, so not really.) Not to mention that the majority of the US government debt is domestic and most of it is “to” the Social Security Trust Fund – yes, the “social security is going bankrupt” is the same money as “the US owes a lot of money!”

You’ll probably need a more realistic back story for the kinds of changes you’re suggesting. How about “preparing for global warming was too expensive, so when it actually hit for real, nobody was prepared, and …” Works well with the “desiccated” theme too.