Artist's Apartment Archviz

Hello everyone!
Here is my another project made with Unreal Engine 4.
Hope you like it!

More screen shots here –> Behance

Simply incredible.

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Wow those materials are stunning, great job!

Great details! I love the colors in the scene. It keeps the balance very well. What texture resolution did you use mostly? 2K / 4K?


Hey Michał thanks for the critique! Most of the time 1k for small objects and 2k for the rest. For the objects I am sure I am gonna do close up shot up to 4k. In this scene only the bread was bigger - 6k.


Very realistic-looking! I love the attention to detail, especially the bread looks incredibly detailed. Impressive work!

Thanks TickleForce! I am glad you like it:)

Very nice, I love it. =)

Very, very nice. Color, lighting all of it spot on. Did you happen to use Substance Designer?

Hey guys I am really glad you like it!

‘pixelvpixel’ I only used photoshop :slight_smile:

This is looking FANTASTIC ! Really :smiley:

If I can make a little suggestion, make 2 videos instead of 1.

Video 1 = only the view experience (0:00 - 1:16).
Video 2 = only the free movement experience (1:16 - 2:57).

Brief, awesome work!

Hey Thanks again!
I am trying to find some time to record the animation again (the quality is awful) and then I will break the movie into two parts!

Thanks for suggestion!

Cool :slight_smile:

Again, I’ll share the “view experience video” on my blog when it will be available :slight_smile:

Plz, just let me know when it will be done :o