Artist wanting to create scenes for oil painting. Is UE for me?

I’m a relatively new artist (about 10 years retired from IT career), currently learning oil painting. I’ve used a couple of simplistic tools in the past to pose still life (Adobe Dimension) or figurative (MagicPoser) scenes but they’re fairly limited. I’m looking for something I can use to create a scene (outdoor or indoor), place people, animals and objects in that scene, and then move around it to get an angle that represents a composition I can paint from. That’s all - I’d simply print a render of the scene and use that as a starting point for my painting.

I don’t want something that takes a long time to learn how to do this or to realise each of the scenes I want to create. And it all has to be free(ish) as my pension is not great.

I wanted to ask the community here if UE is a tool that meets these criteria or if anyone can suggest anything better. And if UE is right for me, can anyone suggest some basic tutorials that will teach me just what I need to know.

Many thanks,