[Artist Needed] Join our Small & Dedicated Game Dev Team!

We are a Small Team developing ‘Amalgam’, an online board game. The game is much like chess in the sense that it is one on one, and purely skill based. One team will be Human, and the other Elf. The Game is turn based, and requires an intense amount of focus and strategy. Although the game is a heavily based mind game, we are still focusing a big amount on our graphics and story line. We hope you will take the time to read through the post and see if you might be possibly interested in joining our team!

We are getting ready as fast as we can to launch a Kickstarter, and we have one very active and skilled artist on the team. Another one of the artist’s has been very busy with outside work lately, and in order to keep things moving toward our Kickstarter goal, we are looking to take another artist onto the team.

We are currently working on artwork and concept design for the game, and plan on hopefully sometime in April, launching a Kickstarter. Once we receive Kickstarter funding, we will be able to pay for programmers, and any other people we need to help get the game up and running (through steam). Depending on the amount of funding we get, we also hope to pay the team currently volunteering there time for the development of the game.

If you were to join the team, you would be splitting the workload with our Lead Artist, who is currently trying to help prepare graphics for a multitude of things in order to prepare for the kickstarter.
-Poster Art
-Fan art
-Concept art
-Website Art/backgrounds/borders
-Animated gifs (if possible)

We hope some of you may be interested, and would love to hear from you! Only thing we ask is that if you apply, you are willing to be active in development, and not going to disappear on us without letting us know. To often people join the team and end up dragging out our development. If you take on a task, we hope that you will be responsive and dedicated to finishing the task, or letting us know that you won’t be able to.

We are a pretty relaxed team, but we are also very dedicated and have high hopes for our future game. Look forward to hearing from you guys. Join us as our team and game takes shape!

www.amalgamboardgame.com - Our Website, which is still needing additional content, yet fully functional
Redirecting... - Our Facebook fan page which we hope to grow and update throughout development

Email us at amalgamboardgame@gmail.com