Artist/Modeler Willing to Trade Skills or pay for Tutoring in the Ark Dev Kit

It’s an “I scratch your back, you scratch mine” kind of thing. I can sculpt and generate HD textures for models in ZBrush, re-topologize, UV, weight paint in Blender, and generate terrain with World Machine for whatever your project is. I’m best at organic forms. I am also willing to pay $20 per hour or more, if you’ve no need for my artistic skills.

What I am looking for is coaching in the use of the Ark Dev Kit to implement some mods I’d love to see in the game. If you are interested in the mods I want to make, and have a good personality for teamwork, I will be open to consider partnering up long term.

The first mods I’d like to make just to warm up are:

Dino-Eggs: Add species-fitting textures to dino eggs, so they don’t all have the exact same spots with only super un-camouflaged colors and size to identify species. I realize this puts more draw-calls into the game but I think we can make the eggs more realistic without going too crazy.

Dino Tweaks: things like making raptor feathers asymmetrical instead of mirrored from one side to the other, adding a little more resolution to some dinos and little fixes here and there to meshes and textures.

I have more ideas but I don’t need to list them all right now.

The person I hire or partner with needs to be able to **navigate the Dev Kit and have a good understanding of the components of game design. ** A decent grasp C++ couldn’t hurt, even though we don’t have access to the code with the Dev Kit, as I understand.

My LinkedIn needs updated, so the best place to see my current work is my Facebook Page: Podcreature Studio

CONTACT: if interested, please respond to my email at

I will respond quickly but may still wait a little to decide who I’ll ultimately work with. Again, the person just has to have a good personality for tutoring, and have plenty of skill navigating the Dev Kit.

(This is a creature sculpt for a logo, so is not an example of realistic style)

theres tons of people who are willing to help people. Ark Dev Kit Tutorial: 1 - Setting it all up! + Fix for Corruptions - YouTube is where i learned the basics. If you need more help the unreal discord is VERY helpful. And if that doesnt help, i am always willing to help people learn adk. just add me steam: Steam Community :: Error discord: # skype: no money or trading is needing. Hit me up if u need any help and ill do what i can

Thanks for your reply, , I’d be happy to add you on Steam, and I am interested in trying out the Unreal Discord. :slight_smile: I appreciate the motivation!