Artist looking for programmer to collaborate with

Good day!

I am looking for a good programmer interested in working together with me!
I’m an artist myself, with many years of experience working on AAA titles, I do both 2d and 3d art demanding a high standard.
For some examples of my 2d work you can find me here ArtStation - Wanja Svasek
Some games that inspire me:
MGS, Doom/Quake, Dark souls, HalfLife, DayZ, Xcom, Fallout, Stalker

The goal is to build a prototype fps game, I have some ideas on what though details are still very much in the air.
I want to experiment a lot, and then solidify the game/ideas, wrap it all in a nice art package, which we can then use for our portfolios, and/or future expansion.
The work would be unpaid, of course if we start to see potential we can talk financials/paperwork, but for now my thoughts are to try and create something we both really love, if we feel like we have something that deserves more we can look at expansion of team and goals, etc.
What I look for in people is maturity, dedication, and consistency. I want to work at least 1 full day every week on the project, and
I want to work 100% together on this project making it as much yours as it would be mine.
Currently I am on this path fully solo, teaching myself cpp and slowly realizing my ideas, but to have a more realistic possibility of finishing a prototype I would love help from a capable programmer, making it possible to use our expertise where it makes the most sense.

If you are interested in this kind of thing, please send me a PM here.

I am on mobile. Can you email me? we can discuss details easier.

I’m available. I have my masters in computer science from drexel university, PA. I’ve worked for three major government contractors. My degree is
a concentration in software engineering, AI, and Computer Graphics. You can see my page (a work in progress)
I like your concepts and ideas and can’t wait to join you on a project!!

Hi Unhek! :slight_smile: I have sent you a Private Message. Thanks!