Artist here, need some help making a fence that rotates along terrain/geometry

I’m trying to make a procedural fence I can use for one of my projects. I made an example video and sudo blue prints of how I’d imagine this would work, but I’m having trouble figuring exact which nodes I’d use, and how to setup a proper looping function.

Also is it possible to bake down a mesh created from blue print construction scripts into a static asset? Because I’d only need the procedural generation during iteration and blocking out the scene.

So here’s the examples of what I’d like to do exactly.

The furthest I’ve gotten on my own is placing a post every 500 cm at where it intersects with the terrain, but that’s lacking pretty much everything I want to do with this.

In the future I want to build in parameters that allow the fence to curve a few degrees every post, allow you to ease in and out of curves, have drop down menus to pick the starting an ending pieces, add forward/backwards sagging, pick rails/posts out of a pool of assets and apply random 180 rotations and flipping on 2 axis, and having a rare pool of assets for damaged or more unique details.

The biggest issue I’m facing at the moment is how to do the arc trace, because I’m not seeing mentions of anything like it in tutorials or documentation.

Then the next biggest issue I have is trying to make this whole thing loop x number of times.

Splines - Splines

So the general idea would be something like this?

  1. Generate a spline along terrain.
  2. Use “Get Location at Distance Along Spline” to place posts

Mostly I’ve seen splines used for roads and things that bend, and I don’t want the actual meshes to bend or warp at all.