Artist here experimenting with assets, rendering features, and Blueprints

Hey everyone,

I’m a hobbyist 3d game artist in my spare time. Wanted a thread where I could throw up some projects, WIPs and experiments with UE4. Here’s some of the assets and videos I’ve made. I’ll be adding more as I finish more projects. Hopefully I’ll get some environment pieces posted here soon. If anyone has questions about any of these projects, I’d be happy to provide details and breakdowns.

Car Battery

100% complete asset. Was trying out the Proboolean + Dynamesh hardsurface workflow on polycount with some alternative application choices. Textured with Substance Painter 1300 tris.


Part of a much larger project.

SciFi Grenade

Still needs a final pass of polish and some detail work.

Blueprint to place and tile columns automatically

Builds a column using 3 parts, a base, spacer, and body. Unlimited height. Will add more settings, options, and variations as I need them. This was my second attempt at a blueprint not based off a tutorial

Using capsule shadows for dynamic soft shadows for ceiling fan with baked lighting

Example of a simple tint map material

I’d be interested in seeing more on this.

Here’s the Blueprint laid out to be readable on the forum.

Link to a Blueprint.txt that you can copy and paste into your own Blueprint: Procedural Pillars.txt - Google Drive

There’s a bottom mesh that gets placed where the line trace hits the ground, then there’s a spacer mesh that’s half the height of the main column/body mesh, that spacer will scale up or down to fill the gap so that the column/body mesh will always end right where the Blueprint is placed. Can easily be used for a more traditional column, something Greek looking, or even ladders, stairs, fences, etc.

Some obvious tweaks would be to place the spacer mesh at the top and bottom at 1/2 the size, so the spacer doesn’t have to expand as much. Or use multiple spacer meshes that will scale only a tiny bit to fill gaps.

Moving a bunch of these blueprints together with other meshes can allow you to have something like a giant platform or tower that can be placed anywhere and the support legs would adjust to the terrain automatically.

Very nice!

i see some very detail modeling and texuring here, good job

Created a wet road material for a new scene. Wetness is controlled by vertex painting. Will add cracking damage with vertex painting as well. Was also testing out defered decals and the new volumetric fog in 4.16.

White paint unfortunately cannot have normal details with how its setup.

Created a Blueprint to procedural generate a wall or strip of sticky notes.

Gotta make more variations for the drawings, and a few for the sticky notes themselves.

Pretty neat stuff, have you ever considered looking into programs such as Houdini?