Artist and Modders needed for a project of love!

We’re a small group of Ark players and fans of “How to Train Your Dragon” We are looking to join both the game “Ark” with the movie “HTTYD” by re-skinning the wyverns on Ark to the dragons in HTTYD. We will use the wyverns as a base and when we get more 3D modelers we will start making the dragons look like they should but with a more ark feel. We also hope to make some of the islands from the main movies and shows. We have beta testers already and we don’t need anymore but we will take complaints and suggestions on the steam page when it comes out. If you would like to help teach some of us how to mod and animate and all of that, it is really appreciated. We are looking for very skilled modders and some new up and coming modders. This is just a fun mod made so you can feel the way Hiccup felt first flying on Toothless. You can contact us here by email if you would like to join the team.