Artificial Intelligence

Hey, i would like to know how can i solve a problem in my project, i programmed an AI to get in patrol, alert and chase, the patrol and alert part work ok but the chase don’t work, the ai don’t recognize me even in front of her. If you guys want to see the full project i’ll leave a link here.

Hey there @ToshiYura! Welcome back to the community! While I cannot download the project itself for security purposes, I can gladly take a look if you can post some images. Of the bat is sounds like it may be an issue with your pawn sensing setup. May we see the blueprints and pawn sensing settings?

Sure, i can do that.
Here it is:
Captura de tela 2022-09-25 143202

Captura de tela 2022-09-25 143330

I think the first move is to verify the pawnsensing can register the player first and foremost.

Could you pop a print string here and here, then verify if it’s seeing anything at all, then verify the cast is working. Check for the failstate as well.

i changed some things in the peripheral vision and now the ai’s seeing normally. Thanks very much!

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