Artificial Intelligence on the Server & User's device: For 0 ping, 0 lag

The solution to the ping/lag problem…

Server imposes AI for each/all individual players to predict their movement/actions, comprised of historical actions/movements for 0 ping effect.

User’s device imposes AI for each/all individual players to predict their movement/actions, comprised of historical actions/movements for 0 lag effect.

I feel AI running in the background at least within a certain area, perhaps not the whole map on the user’s device will allow for everyone to have 0 ping on the servers and 0 lag on their device.

This will change Fortnite forever, and help people who will to be competitive players.
Perhaps in the settings only on computer, as computers have enough horsepower to encompose the 0 lag effect.

*It would have to be a skeletal mesh network running in the background with confirmation on user end for shots fired/taken for example.

I play Ranked BR a lot, and ping and lag does make a difference.
*For example, I’ll be behind the wall on my screen, yet in theory on the other users screen im out in the open. Thus taking damage while doging the bullet hiding behind the wall. Or sometimes in my replays people are not even looking at me, shoot, and I die.
**At first the ping/lag looked like people were cheating, however under further study and development I figured it out that the ping/lag does make a difference. I’m in one spot on their screen and a different spot on my screen.

This update to me is necessary to create equal battlegrounds for competitive players.

Thank you so much for your time :smiley:
Hope I was able to explain well enough so that Fortnite can push to the next level.

***Here’s a video example on YouTube from my Nvidia Highlights in Ranked BR.
If you slow down the video(Settings: Playback speed → 0.25) you can see them shooting, not even looking at me as I dodged the bullet. bummer for competitive right now eh…

@RickisThirsty Thank you for your feedback. While I cannot guarantee a response, I can confirm that this has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

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Hi Rick,

I’m reminded of some GDC talks,

A pretty deep dive into some of the prediction systems you’re talking about

Also this came up, including it since you mentioned replays.

Even if your response to those videos is “I understood some of those words” :wink: I think they might help level you up.

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Yes I scrolled through the videos and understand them.
Update Mainly talks about netwoking and such, no AI but pretty cool :smiley:
There is prediction though at 31:46 min in the Halo:Reach Video. Very interesting.
At 33:11
*Mainly the downward angles from the client to the host, and the host to the client, is the problem that AI will solve.
It would be a straight line with zero delay via AI utilization with historical unique user prediction data running in the background via a skeletal mesh network utilizing situational awareness. @Astrotronic

Can you watch the video that I posted?
It was recorded in real time from my perspective.
It happens on occasion, to me its ping/lag related.
Im in a different spot on their screen than I am on my screen is the theory.
Sometimes I go to hide behind the corner of the wall, I am there behind the corner of the wall for half a second, and take a shot by the person I went to hide from.

I have had to evolve to be faster than this problem, its been kinda a bummer when situations like that occur to me personally. But I have become a better player from it thankfully. Faster and Stronger to not let it happen to me.

I went to school for Computer Systems Engineering so I understand the videos from what I skimmed over, very nice and interesting.
I am going to watch them more in depth to see if I can obtain more knowledge, thank you so much :slight_smile:

I believe implementing Artificial Intelligence on the server and end user’s device will eliminate up/down lag time to a T through historical prediction algorithms per user. Thus perfecting competitive gaming and pushing Fortnite to the next level. :slight_smile: It would be like gaming on LAN for example. Could perhaps call it: Project WAN to LAN AI or something :stuck_out_tongue:

In theory, Fortnite users can game all over the world via AI utilization as mentioned and not have to worry about ping/lag.
Would be pretty interesting being in a European lobby haha, especially not having to worry about the ping difference :wink:

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