Artificial Intelligence AI in an app created by Unreal Engine 4

So to explain the title more, I was hoping to find out if by any way possible create an AI that could on work on your phone as an app where they could be like Cortana or Siri but in a completely different sense. In the anime Steins;Gate 0, there is this app call the Amadeus where when you open it, you would log into the app and after logging in, an AI by the name of Makise Kurisu would appear. A fully animated AI from a deceased person is moving around in the app due to their memories.(This is besides the point) So I would like to know if it were possible to create such an app witha real artificial intelligent ai in an app. Any information would be appreciated and if this is not possible yet, then I’ll see if I can make a request from the devs for this kind of artificial life.

How would I go about it for a fully animated ai from deceased person’s memories? And yes I was aware they might not have the ability to create artificial life where it was a long stretch to ask.

A fully animated AI from a deceased
person is moving around in the app due
to their memories.

This is not a problem.

a real artificial intelligent ai

This is currently impossible and as much as I’m impressed with what Epic staff can pull off, I’ll speak on their behalf here and say that they won’t.

In the meanwhile, consider starting looking into what is possible:

deceased person’s memories

As disturbing as it may sound I’ll assume this is just some sort of data we’re talking about, right? Afraid to ask at this point - what are we talking about here?

fully animated

Create a model and animation in your favourite package, import, set it up and so on, lots of work:

When it comes to behaviour and actual AI, behaviour trees, as in the original answer.

A dear friend of mine is gone and I would just like to keep them alive in some way that gives them life through memories. Sorry if it sounded disturbing or messed up. I’ll go for the behavior tree then.

There is this game Unravel whose story revolves around old / lost memories. In the game you revisit locations / situations you see in family photos. As you progress, you witness people from the photos materialise every now and then. One can sense the mood in the very opening seconds of the game.

Perhaps this can inspire you in some way.

I think it’s a great idea that you’re having but do take note it’s going to take a tremendous amount of learning and work.

Good luck and take care.