Artifcial Gravity in Space game

I am trying to make a space game where the player can walk around on a ship or station with earth like gravity. When leaving the station you would then be in no gravity. I have got this working with physics volumes that change the gravity scale in the character movement component. The problem is that I want the gravity change to affect actors as well as characters. Since actors do not have a character movement component I cannot do this. I tried to use a projectile component but it does not seem to work with simulate physics.
While searching online I have heard the way to do it is to have a volume and anything that enters it has a force applied to it. So everything that enters this box is pushed downward. Which would simulate gravity (so i’ve heard). Can anyone show me how to create a volume that adds this downward push to fake gravity? And in such a volume would the player still be able to jump and move naturally?