Artifact in hair rendering

I suddenly have artifacts with hair rendering while experimenting with static lighting and volume light sample placement… I am not sure if setting the volume light samples to visible started this or not… but here is a screenshot of the bug and maybe you could help me understand why its happening.

Hey Kurylo3d,

The hair shader is prone to several artifacts depending on the light settings. To save a lot of time could you upload a small sample project with the room in your screenshot and all the lights in it.

That way I can test in the same environment that you are testing in and it keeps things consistent. I don’t need anything else really just the room you are viewing your characters in.



Right now its not happening again after a reboot i guess… or multiple reboots… who knows. Should i just wait to see if it does it again and then send u the stuff after that if it does?

Sure, chances are it will happen again. I know that black artifacts will show themselves depending on the values you input into the hairshader as well. So may help to see your material graph as well so I can match your settings.

If you are interested here is another bug I put in for the hair shader: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-39061)

The backlighting is very bright on the hair and looks incorrect. This is why I think the light settings could be related as well.

Hi Kurylo3d,

Since you can’t reproduce the issue at the moment I’ve going to mark this thread as resolved. You can reopen the thread by leaving a comment. Please let me know if you start getting issues once again and we can continue where we left off!