Arthurs Audio BPs

A free, downloadable project full of next-gen audio & physics blueprints!!!
Made with Unreal Engine 4.26

You can directly support me(and by extension, continued development on this thing) by naming any price for any of my ‘games’ here: or through Patreon: ArthurBarthur is creating UE4 interactive examples | Patreon



Ver. 1000

Huge refactor this time! Finally made a plugin, Arthurs Audio-Visual Toolkit. All the nice stuff is in there now, separated from the rest of the project. Super portable when we just want the tools over on a different project, instead of including ALL the example levels and stuff in it!
The plugin should be on Unreal Marketplace soon, will update with link. For now this project works standalone no problem.

Feature Samples

  • Huge hub-level with gamemode, doors to all levels, lots of silly BPs and more.
  • “Candy” Audio Visualizer
  • Jump-pads that trigger samples(audio)
  • Submix meters(practical and simple in-world volume visualizers for submixes)
  • Submix recording example(to soundwave or .wav)
  • Audio capture examples(Three new levels, incl recording and visualizing mic without hearing ourselves)
  • Independent pitch and playback-speed control with granular player(thank you for HQ voice sample Megagoth1702)
  • SpringKeys, a physical, springy piano synthesizer instrument
  • Granular chord choir music instrument thing
  • Basic Modulation Plugin example
  • Spline-based variation on the frequency visualizers
  • Single frequency audio-visualizer boxes as standalone things
  • Live Submix Effect-tweaker knob
  • Synesthesia plugin examples
  • Modulation plugin example
  • More musical Rollplate-examples added
  • Rollplates; an evolution of the existing noteplates. Registers rolling objects as well, and uses physics for note velocity.
  • Source effects(live modulation)
  • ‘NoteRunner’ synth music based on physics and world-Z
  • Midi input/output
  • Spatial propagation example
  • Modular Synth Preset Randomizer
  • Spatial music-triggers
  • Mic/Input capture
  • Modular Synth
  • visualization with single sound envelope followers
  • submix FFT frequency analyzers and visualizers
  • granular synthesis based door-hinges
  • TimeSynth working as drum machine
  • SourceBus, Submix and SourceEffect routing



Version 2 is live!:slight_smile: Updated overview-video:

New stuff:
-TimeSynth working as drum machine
-SourceBus, Submix and SourceEffect routing

-Granular door-hinge map and blueprints

I’d kiss you on the mouth if I could, will learn a lot from this! Cheers mate.

Arthur will remember this.

version 3 is live! Updated top post with info+video.

Was trying to migrate this into a fresh new project, but can’t get the visualiser, the basic one, to animate, it just stops working. What am I missing?

Probably enabling the new audio engine!
Look in the project\config\windows\WindowsEngine.ini
It contains 1 line that enables it for the project. Copy that over to the new one.

Can also enable it on your engine, so it’s always on for all your projects.
Need to move a semicolon in \engineversion\Engine\Config\Windows\WindowsEngine.ini.
There’s a sticky thread on this forum, with details.

Edit: depending on target platform, you might want to do this in f.ex \Android\AndroidEngine.ini

Thank you very much, this solved the problem!

Version 4 is out!!! Check top post for details, downloads…


  • ModSynth Preset Randomizer example
  • Spatial music-triggers example


  • Project/asset organization
  • Various refactoring and cleanup in and around much of the existing stuff.

First I’d like to say you’re doing an excellent job with Fancy Audio Blueprints. Good stuff to start own music systems :slight_smile:
I would have 2 small suggestions “in exchange”.

  • Adding a .gitignore file to each project’s folder which would filter out these folders.

It’s better to use Set Actor Tick Enabled in blueprint instead of “Tick Gate”.

Please continue working on this! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeah, I think messing with examples like this is helpful for a lot of people :slight_smile:

Haven’t actually been using source control, just uploading the project folders(cleaned, without intermediate &saved folders).
Was just about to set up for regular pushing with ignore-list, since the project is getting bigger. I don’t think I’ll actually put the in-development version under source control, because I like the freedom of not having to check it out, check it in, let me begin…I’ll add the ignores and delete old versions, so cloning/forking the project is unified and simple.

Oh and yeah, thanks, switched out the “tick gate” with “enable tick”, and disabled default tick on the relevant actors. Won’t see it until I finalize V5. Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Same! You’re cutting the edge with all the new features. This is very important work you are doing here.

This is such a great resource.

I wanted to let you know that the AudioViz level doesn’t seem to be working when I open the project. It looks like this during play and nothing changes or animates. Perhaps because I’m using a Mac but I’m not sure.

Do you think that you’ll be making any tutorials? I’d have great interest in seeing a walkthrough on how to create an audio visualizer – baked and live.

Also it looks like the Discord link you posted for the Chat just goes to GitHub.

Thanks for all your hard work.

Glad you like it!

Ah, it’s Mac related - we need the new audio engine to do this, and I only enabled it for the Windows platform.
I patched v4, so if you redowload v4 it will have Mac(and IOS, and Android) platform support.

There’s a guide to enable audio engine yourself in various ways here:…ck-start-guide

Next audioBPs version(5) will have the audio engine enabled out of the box on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS.

I for sure might do some tutorials, streams, or similar…Don’t know when or where!

Fixed the discord-link, thanks. Dangers of fancy formatting…

Version 5 is live!

Overview: (Thanks to Mark @marksounddev for video magic)

New stuff includes

  • MIDI IN/OUT, so Unreal and any external software/hardware can talk to each-other.
  • Spatial audio propagation example, which demonstrates distance-based LPF/HPF, reverb, relative movement doppler effect, etc.
  • General tweaks, polish, reorganization and smaller additions.

Amazing stuff thanks again for this. I was wondering if now you’ve had time to really dig into the new audio features if you might have found a way to get the overall audio mix for visualiser working?

That or there must be some way to get a plugins audio working like the webbrowser for example?

:smiley: These are great!

Thanks for sharing! fascinating stuff. do you have the blueprint for the potential music video you posted?

Thanks! Not the exact one, but yes. Something like this will be in AaBPs version 6. Been thinking of how to design a flexible and/or self-building track, because the one in the video is a throwaway. Maybe I’ll just make the balls, if a musical rolling track auto-generator turns out to be too complex for this example pack… I dunno. Any wishes, requests or ideas? I think there needs to be some track-building elements, where we can have musical control, and set up arbitrary scale-stretching and pitch shifting based on our wishes…It can soon get too elaborate for AaBPs, and would be better as standalone thing. Might be better to hook the audio up to a character instead of physics balls too.

Version 6 is live!
Well, the “what’s new” video is live, anyway. Project has been available for a couple of weeks now.

But yeah, what’s new?

  • Source effects(live modulation)
  • ‘NoteRunner’ synth music based on physics and world-Z
  • Various fixes and things

Version 6 overview video:

This is really cool, man!