Artful3D Modular Game Assets

I am happy to present you again some results of my work.
I have expanded my portfolio considerably.
Now you can you can build a complete fleet in an easy way.
I also added some meshes to my character system.

Now, with a few assets you can create a whole fleet. The picture shows is only a small part of ways to customize your Ships.
In this Picture you can clearly see the different LOD steps.

Two close ups to see the quality of the applied absolute minimized texture size.

The next days i will finish a fully equiped character starter kit.

These are two modular bodyparts of my character System. an Empire Fantasy hunter with pirates legs and the Universal Head and an an officers uniform coat .

More additional assets are in constant development.

I hope you like it.
For more information I would like to invite you to visit my site.

For suggestions and criticism I would be grateful to you.

Thank you for your interest