ArtExpoVR - VR/AR art exhibition with high resolution photogrammetry

ArtExpoVR is a prototype for an interactive art exhibition. It showcases the use of high-resolution Photogrammetry for real-time applications. The exhibition was realized with UE4 as a multi-platform experience, and runs on HTV Vive, Samsung GearVR and mobile phone AR (Android).

We’re a small Startup in Wellington, New Zealand. **ArtExpoVR **is our first attempt at an interactive AR/VR experience… and we were amazed how easy it is with UE4 to deploy to multiple platforms. Coming from a more traditional Film background, we also really enjoyed working with Sequencer for the little promo video above. The cinematic camera actor is just so easy to use and behaves just like the real thing!

All assets were captured in RealityCapture in high resolution, then cleaned up and downres’ed in Blender. We aimed for 60k vertices and 4k textures for the real-time assets, which performs well on both Mobile and 90fps VR. We used SubstancePainter to recreate roughness and specularity of the objects, based on the reference photos we shot. The room was built and lit in UE4, and all lighting was pre-baked. The final experience was running effortlessly in 90fps on the HTC Vive, as well as 60fps on Mobile AR (although the tracking is sometimes a bit jumpy… looking forward to the next version of ArCore!).

Making the project and the video was a lot of fun for us, so hope you enjoy watching it! Please let us know what you think in the comments!

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