Arteria3d Memberships for $29 for the unreal community, for limited time today.

For the next 8 hours only, for the unreal community , customers can purchase a 6 month arteria3d membership for just $29 which allows you to download all content from the site for 6months for no further cost.
If you ever release your game commercially, at that point you would then pay $155 to Arteria3d for using the assets in your production.

Purchase here:

  • Pay $29 now
  • Get immediate access to Arteria3d and the forthcoming Unreal converted Assets
  • Have access to Arteria3d for 6months, via our member download area.
  • After 6 months continue to use the content from Arteria
  • Only when you release your game commercially, pay Arteria the $155 for the membership assets

Purchase here:

Just curious, if i plan to release my game commercially, do i have to pay $155 for every assets or just once for all assets? :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting - you only have to pay $155 - that covers you for all assets

That’s Awesome! :slight_smile:

Thankyou for your interest in the membership

Why have a “time limited offer” - that’s a known marketing tactic used to force a false sense of urgency on a customer and make them chose quickly without thought.

If you wanted to limit the number of people taking advantage of the offer, then set an uptake limit, not a time limit.

All this offer does for me, is make me wary of your company, which I’m sure is not your intent.


That’s a very interesting point you have raised there. Thankyou. Indeed, I see how a new customer might see Time based offers.
Im changing this to the first 30 customers. I always value customer constructive feedback. Thankyou

It’s very commendable that you could take my feedback, consider it and make a change, definitely shows character.

I’ll look forward to considering purchasing from you should the need and the funds arise.

Thank you.