Artec 3D scanner for sale (perfect for characters!)

Hi there. Hope it won’t be too much of a problem using this forum for a “craigslist” ad. But hey, at least it’s cg-related.

For sale is an Artec MHT hand-held 3D scanner. This is the predecessor of the Artec Eva and has the same performance and specifications as the Eva. The only difference is that the Eva has a more favorable form factor and is lighter. The MHT (this one) does however have a faster uplink speed due to the 2x USB cable connections, compared to one USB on the Eva. Both scanners use USB 2.0.

The scanner just came back from an internal electronic components replacement on the flash bulb, performed by the manufacturer, along with a full component inspection and recalibration. Invoice is available (1000 Eur paid in full). The scanner condition is like new! Even before the inspection and recalibration, it only had about 50 scans on it and has barely been used. The only serviceable part on these scanners is fact the flash and the related electronics. Even thought this is a used 3D scanner, you can be confident that your device will perform as desired and would deliver full precision.

Artec’s MHT scanners are commonly used in the VFX industry. You can read some more info here:…win-3d-scanner

The scanner comes with a carrying bag and the following software:
Artec Studio 7, 8 & 9 (one license)

You can purchase a newer version of Artec Studio at the manufacturer’s website. However, the provided software is more than sufficient.

While I would, myself, recommend photgrammetry for most cases, a 3d scanner does provide certain advantages. The one listed here is especially good for characters, as the software provides non-rigid scan registration. This means you can scan a face or a whole person while he/she is standing and the software would complete a full scan, compensating for the small movements. The only way to do this with photogrammetry would be to use multiple cameras, and you’ll need a lot of them. Here are a couple of scans I’ve made with this very scanner: